Voice Caddie VC 200 Golf GPS Review

We have had the privilege to review really exciting golfing GPS products but we have not come across one that is as convenient and as hands-free as the Voice Caddie VC 200! The moment you set the VC 200 at home, you are done pressing buttons. All you will need to do is to clip it to your cap and just like iPhone’s Siri, it will tell you all the important distances you need to know. What makes it even better than Siri is that you do not need to ask it anything; it will measure the distances automatically and read them out to you.

Voice Caddie VC 200 GPS Device
Source: voicecaddie.com

The unique thing about this device is that you do not need to press a couple of buttons to select your course or the hole you are playing. You also don’t need to squint at a small screen in the midday sun to read distances as is the case with other devices. You simply set it at home and then push a single button to activate it and it will tell you all the critical information you need to know in English or in one of eight other major global languages.

In terms of the design, you will find the Voice Caddie VC 200 to be simple, lightweight and compact but with a premium finish. It weighs just 0.85 ounces meaning you will barely notice it within moments of clipping it to your hat or belt. The device has volume control buttons that allow users to quickly adjust the volume of the device to make the distances more audible or to prevent the device from distracting other players.

The VC 200 is preloaded with a library of over 30,000 golf course maps. This means it can automatically recognize these thousands of courses and provide users with accurate distances to strategic points on them. Globally, it can recognize over 40,000 courses. With these many courses already preloaded into the device, you will not have to spend a ton of time programming the device when you step onto a new course. You will simply have to turn it on when you get to the course and it will load the course within five minutes.

Voice Caddie VC 200 GPS Device Front View
Source: voicecaddie.com

The meat and potatoes of this device – the biggest reason its makers want you to buy it – is its ability to tell you distances. The VC 200 is pretty good at calculating distances accurately. The several tests we have done and even those available online show that its distances are 9 times out of 10 within two yards of other accurate devices including laser rangefinders. This margin of error is not that bad, especially for hobby golfers. The fact that it is this accurate will give you a sense of confidence in the distances it calculates. This sense of confidence will, in turn, enable you to play better.

Apart from calculating accurate distances, the VC 200 is also capable of accurate shot distance measurement. It won’t just measure your shot; it will also save it. It measures shots very quickly. No need to fumble with buttons.

Unfortunately, despite its many cool features, this device does not give distances to hazards or show flyover views of the green. It also does not come with a digital scorecard. Nevertheless, it has a unique feature that definitely compensates for the aforementioned omissions. The feature is none other than the swing tempo function. The function provides guidance for users to tweak their swings and become big hitters.

Voice Caddie VC 200 GPS Device White Variants Back View
Source: voicecaddie.com

This is a very fun function because who wouldn’t love to rival the drives of the likes of Dustin Johnson? It is also practical because it literally improves your game.

We can’t really wrap up this review without talking about the device’s outstanding battery life. When you power it on, a voice will tell you how much power is available. Usually, the device will tell you nine hours if you are just from fully charging it. Nine hours are enough for two full rounds of golf if you play at an average pace. 


  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Lightweight and comes with a clip for hooking it on your cap, t-shirt or belt
  • Tells you when its battery needs a recharge
  • Tells you accurate distances and measures shot distances
  • Has a function that helps users to improve their drive


  • A very basic device without other common features such as distances to hazards and digital scorecards
  • Only one voice is available

Voice Caddie VC 200 FAQs

How big is the screen?

The Voice Caddie VC 200 does not have a screen. It is an audio device that offers GPS guidance via a speaker. Thus, users don’t have to worry about reading distances when using it as the distances will be read out to them and the volume can be adjusted to make the device more audible.

What preloaded courses come on the Voice Caddie VC 200?

The VC 200 has a digital library with over 30,000 golf course maps. This means it can recognize and work in all these many courses. Most of the 30,000 courses are located in North America and Europe. In addition to these courses, there are 10,000 extra course maps from other golfing countries across the world that can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

Are there any subscription fees?

There are no subscription fees for course downloads or updates.

How accurate is the device?

Quite accurate. Multiple tests have confirmed that it is accurate to within two yards, making it perfect for hobby golfers.

How much does it weigh?

The VC 200 is ultralight. It weighs just 24 grams making it comfortable and unobtrusive whether it is clipped to a cap, or hooked onto a belt or a shirt collar.

What is the battery life?

This device has an outstanding battery life. Its rechargeable battery has enough power to last for 9 hours of golfing without needing to be recharged.

How long does it take to recharge?

This device takes only 2 hours to fully recharge. This is the average time it takes to recharge golf GPS devices.

Is it waterproof?

No, it is not. Exposing this device to water will likely damage it.

Is it tournament legal?

Yes, it is. This is a simple distance measuring device. It is allowed by the USGA for use in certain tournaments as it does not have illegal functions or capabilities.

Does the device have a phone app?

No, it does not.

Key Features

  • Compact lightweight design
  • Hands-free distance and shot measurement
  • Has a swing rhythm function to help you become a better driver of the ball
  • Has a long battery life

Our verdict on the Voice Caddie VC 200

We normally look at two key things in every golf GPS product we review: ease of use and accuracy. The Voice Caddie is very easy to use.

Voice Caddie VC 200 GPS Device
Source: voicecaddie.com

All you need to do is to turn it on and you will be ready for action. So no need to press many buttons or to do a million and one things to get the yardages you want.

The device’s accuracy is also pretty impressive. So in terms of what we normally look at, this device is good enough in our eyes. Therefore, our verdict is that it is perfect for those looking for a simple and convenient device that won’t interfere with their game.

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