Lofthouse ProNav X3 Golf GPS Watch Review

Seeking a device that will help you pick the right club every time? Well, your search is over. Get the Lofthouse ProNav X3 GPS golf watch. This rugged-looking golf watch is built with the right technologies to provide you with accurate yardage data that will instantly improve your golfing by helping you pick the right club every time.

Lofthouse ProNav X3 Golf GPS Watch

Other yardage data you will be able to read using this wearable GPS include distances to hazards in the form of hazard warnings. You will not only be able to pick the right club using this information but also be able to plan your game so as to achieve maximum scores.

The ProNav X3 also shows course information such as the name of the course, the hole being played, and the par number. Lastly, this watch features a digital scorecard. You can use it to record and store your scores for post-round analysis. So need to carry around the easily losable duo of pencil and paper when you’ve got the X3 on your wrist.

With all the data you can access using this watch, you will certainly automatically be a better golfer since you will know your distances on the course and you will be able to review every game you play to know the elements of your game that you need to fix.

Lofthouse ProNav X3 Golf GPS Watch Courses

Like most other golf watches of its kind, the Lofthouse ProNav X3 comes with over 30,000 preloaded worldwide golf maps, automatic course recognition, and free course and software upgrades. You will also get a comprehensive 1-year warranty if you purchase this device.

To be frank, only newbies and amateur golfers will probably enjoy owning this gadget. This is because it is kind of strictly made for golf. It does not come with any extra features or functionalities such as activity tracking, notifications, elevation, and so on that are present in competing devices e.g. the Garmin Approach S3 and the Bushnell Neo Ion.

Lofthouse ProNav X3 Golf GPS Watch Features

Nevertheless, those looking for a product that is simple and easy to use probably won’t mind it. In addition to the above-mentioned features, this device comes with a digital clock plus alarms and timers, it can be conveniently charged using its USB charger, and it is water resistant for playing in most types of weather. With these features and it’s under 100 USD price, it is easy to see why most people won’t mind buying this.


  • A rugged and practical golf GPS watch
  • Shows fairly accurate yardages to the center and the extremes of the green
  • Shows distances to hazards and provides hazard warnings
  • Features a digital scorecard
  • One of the most affordable GPS devices out there
  • Can be conveniently charged utilizing its USB charger
  • Water resistant and can be used in most playable weather conditions
  • Has a decent battery that provides over 8 hours of power in GPS mode


  • Doesn’t come with extra features such as activity tracking
  • Does not sync to any app
  • Can’t show any alerts/ notifications

Lofthouse ProNav X3 GPS FAQs

How large is the screen?

This watch has a big screen, which means that its data is easily readable.

What preloaded courses come on the watch?

There are over 30,000 preloaded courses on this device. Users can download new or updated course maps from the manufacturer’s website ( Potential users can confirm if their favorite courses are in the device by visiting the same website, accessing the course maps Google sheet, and searching for the name of their course.

Are there any subscription fees?

There are no subscription fees. This device is absolutely free to use. Updating courses or downloading new ones is also free.

How accurate is the watch?

Not bad at all. Many newbie and amateur golfers will definitely like the accuracy levels on this.

How much does it weigh?

This golf GPS watch weighs 6.4 ounces. This is fairly chunky but it won’t interfere with your swing.

What’s the battery life?

You can enjoy up to 8 hours of golf in the battery-draining GPS mode. From the word ‘enjoy’ you can tell that we think 8 hours is a fairly decent battery life, which is true especially for a device as cheap as this one. The battery lasts longer (three weeks) in normal mode.

How long does it take to recharge?

Lofthouse ProNav X3 GPS takes about two hours to charge.

Is it waterproof?

According to the manufacturer of this device, it is water-resistant for playing in most types of weather.

Is it tournament legal?

Yes, it is as it is a simple distance measuring electronic device. It doesn’t measure any other thing that will give the golfer undue advantage.

Does the watch have a phone app?  

Unfortunately, this device does not come with a phone up. Definitely not surprising considering its cheap price.

Outstanding Features

  • Has a great rugged look
  • Fairly accurate GPS rangefinder
  • Easy to use
  • USB Chargeable

Our Verdict on theLofthouse ProNav X3

Lofthouse ProNav X3 Golf GPS Watch

If you have been wanting to buy a decent golf watch that is cheap but still shows accurate and important data that can improve your game, get this watch.

It may not come with fancy features and functionalities but it still does a fairly good job as a golf watch. Newbie and amateur golfers will definitely love it.

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