IZZO Golf Swami GPS Watch Review

If you’ve been around the golf scene for a while, then you have probably seen golf equipment with the IZZO label. That’s because IZZO Golf is one of the leading manufacturers of golf bags, bag straps, and training and travel equipment.

IZZO Golf Swami GPS Watch
Source: izzo.com

The IZZO Golf Swami GPS band is one of three GPS gadgets made by IZZO Golf, with the other two gadgets being the Swami 5000 GPS and the Swami GT. The GPS band is unique because it is the only wearable among the three, with the other two being handheld devices. This feature makes the band the go-to GPS gadget from IZZO.

If you are in the market for an extremely simple but useful wearable rangefinder, look no further than this GPS band. It has a hundred and one features and functionalities to help you enjoy your game.

First of all, it’s loaded with more than 38,000 worldwide golf course maps. This means it can work for almost every single major golf course across the globe.

IZZO Golf Swami GPS Watch Full View
Source: izzo.com

Its primary feature is to tell the yardages to the front, the centre, and the back of the green. You can use this information to calibrate your swing and apply just the right amount of force to get golf balls to where you want them.

This unique golf GPS band will automatically recognize your favorite golf course and even advance to the next hole when you are done. You can also use it to digitally record scores and measure the distance of your shot. In other words, it is the type of gadget you want to buy if you want accurate and useful measurements to instantly improve your game.

Of the many rangefinders out there, most golfers will enjoy wearing this one as it is sleek, lightweight, and ultra-comfortable.

IZZO Golf Swami GPS Watch Lightweight Wristband
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When you wear it, you will probably quickly forget about it until the next time you want to use it. Most golfers will also find it to be extremely easy to use.

This device also comes with a complimentary app that you can download at no extra cost and conveniently use to review the measurable aspects of your game. Despite having all the unique features and functionalities mentioned above, this gadget retails for under 100 USD.


  • Sleek, stylish and wearable rangefinder
  • Provides fairly accurate yardages
  • Automatic golf course recognition via GPS
  • Has a scorekeeping functionality
  • Can measure shot distances
  • Comes with a complementary app for convenience
  • It is a very affordable


  • Average charging cord that doesn’t last long
  • Some units have hard to use buttons

IZZO Golf Swami GPS Band FAQs

How big is the IZZO band screen size?

The band has a relatively small display size of 1”. However, the details are organized in such a way that it is easy to quickly read measurements.

What preloaded courses are there on the band?

Almost every other golf course around the world is pre-loaded on this band. There are over 38,000 course maps already in the band. If your local course does not happen to be among the 38,000, you can simply call the device manufacturer to get it added.

Are there any subscription fees?

You are not required to pay anything to use this GPS band; no annual fees, course fees, or subscription fees. Simply put on the band and head to your local course to load the course and tee off.  

How accurate is the IZZO Golf Swami GPS band?

The IZZO Golf Swami GPS band has a great level of accuracy as it uses GPS positioning. The device itself is also built with the right firmware and hardware to guarantee accurate measurements.

How much does the device weigh?

At just 1.28 ounces (36.3 grams), this device is super light compared to most watches and smartwatches.

What is the battery life?

The battery life with GPS is between six to eight hours. Six hours are enough to finish a comfortable round of golf. However, it also means that this is the type of device you will always have to charge before you leave your house so as to ensure you have enough power for when you get down to business.

How long does it take to recharge?

The IZZO Golf watch takes between two to three hours to recharge. This is a bit longer than what other similar bands/ watches take.

Is the IZZO Golf band waterproof?

No, it is not. The manufacturers say it is water resistant. This means that although it is probably sufficiently sealed to keep water out, you should not swim with it or intentionally expose it to water as these actions will most likely destroy it.

Is it tournament legal?

Yes, the IZZO golf band is tournament legal. It measures yardage, tells time, can be used to record scores, and to measure shot distances. Devices with the said features and distances are legal in most tournaments if not all. Only devices that can calculate the wind speed, slopes and elevations are considered illegal.

Does the device have a phone app?

Yes, it does. The IZZO Golf course comes with an Android app that you can download for free from the Google Play store. It also has a similar iOS app that you can also download for free from iTunes. The apps are compatible with most modern smartphone devices.  

Standout Features

  • Accurate yardage measurement
  • Accurate measurement of shot distances
  • Over 38,000 pre-loaded golf course maps
  • Comes with complimentary Android and iOS apps

Our Opinion on the IZZO Golf Band

IZZO Golf Swami GPS Watch
Source: izzo.com

Most golfers will definitely be surprised that such a band with all these features retails for under 100 USD.

Our opinion is that it is definitely a bargain at this price and that it is perfect for amateur golfers and senior citizens who want something that is easy to use.

Brad Carey

Brad Carey

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