GolfBuddy GB9 WTX+ GPS Golf Watch Review

GolfBuddy has been making different types of rangefinders including wearable, laser, handheld, and voice gadgets for quite some time now. The Golf Buddy GB9 WTX+ is undoubtedly one of their best works.

Golfbuddy GB9 WTX+ Golf GPS Watch

The Golf Buddy GB9 WTX+ is kind of like a cheaper but equally advantageous version of the Garmin Approach S60. This budget rangefinder will tell you every piece of useful information you need to know about the golf course you want to play at for strategy purposes.

It can measure the yardage to the back, the center, and the front of the green. It can also provide you with a view of the green and the distances from your position. Accurate distances to hazards are also displayed on this golf watch, to enable you to adjust your swing and record better scores. When you hit a really good tee shot, you can use this device to accurately measure the distance and record it to later show off to your friends.

Golfbuddy GB9 WTX+ Watch Course Map

The one thing that is not so impressive about this device is the fact that it does not have a scorekeeping/recording function. However, the Golf Buddy app allows you to later record your scores on your phone but you will have to record them on paper first.

Although the lack of a scorekeeping function kind of takes the shine off this device, it comes with several other features that more than make up for the omission of the key feature.

The other features include a large 204 by 204 pixels full-color screen, a striking tactical watch case design, over 38,000-course maps preloaded for your convenience, and the capability to automatically recognize courses and to advance to the next hole. Quite a number of golf watches do not have these features making them difficult to operate. So if you really desire a rangefinder that doesn’t come with so many distractions, you should consider the Golf Buddy WTX.

Golfbuddy GB9 WTX+ Watch Rear View

Furthermore, this watch is more than just a golf watch. This is because it can also track your activities with its pedometer and sedentary timer. The activity tracking information you gather from the watch can help you to adjust your habits and become fitter in the process.

Last but not least, this watch comes with a smartphone app. You can sync it with the app to get smart notifications. When synced, you can use the watch to find your smartphone, in case you misplace it.


  • Has a striking masculine design
  • Can accurately calculate the yardages to key distances on the green
  • Can calculate the yardages to hazards on the course
  • Comes with a large face and a large, well-contrasted font that makes it easy to read
  • Has a 204 by 204 pixels screen resolution that makes it easy to view golf course layouts
  • A decent smartwatch that can tell time, show notifications, count steps, and tell you if you are too stationary
  • Comes with a useful Golf Buddy app that you can use to update the over 38,000 preloaded courses
  • R&A/USGA compliant device for tournament and handicap play


  • Does not have a scorekeeping function
  • Has an average battery life
  • Only compatible with the very basic Golf Buddy App

Golf Buddy GB9 WTX+ FAQs

How big is the screen?

The Golf Buddy WTX comes with a 204 by 204 pixels high-resolution screen display. It is perfect as it makes it easy to read the numbers, the course layout, and the settings.

What preloaded courses come on the watch?

This device comes with over 38,000 worldwide golf course maps. Users of the device can also request the addition of any golf course map not available on the unit.

Are there any subscription fees?

You will only have to pay the purchase price and nothing else.  

How accurate is the watch?

It’s a very accurate watch with stable readings.

How much does it weigh?

It is lightweight at only 2.2 oz.

How long does the battery last?

Not a great battery life as the battery will drain to zero in about 8 hours when in the GPS mode.

How long does it take to recharge?

It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to fully recharge this unit.

Is the GB9 WTX+ waterproof?

It is not waterproof. It will most likely survive an accidental splash of water but you shouldn’t push your luck by swimming or taking a shower with it.

Is it tournament legal?

According to the manufacturers of this device, it is perfectly legal for tournament and handicap play based on the updated R&A and USGA rules. A review of this device’s specifications against the rules proves that this is true.

Does the watch have a phone app?  

Yes, it does. Nevertheless, the phone app is not exactly rich with information and special functions; it is a very basic smartphone app that doesn’t exactly impress.

Key standout features

  • Large and easily readable color screen
  • Fairly accurate golf-dedicated rangefinder
  • Tracks activity
  • Tournament legal device

Our verdict on the Golf Buddy GB9 WTX+

Golfbuddy GB9 WTX+ Golf GPS Watch

The Golf Buddy GB9 WTX+ golfing watch is a satisfactory device. It doesn’t have features that shout ‘pick me’ but it does have basic functionalities such as yardage measurement, layout display, shot measurement, and distance to hazard measurement. It is perhaps because it strictly does the basic things that it is in compliance with USGA and R&A rules.  However, this device has some limitations such as the lack of a scorekeeping feature. Nevertheless, its pros outweigh its cons. It will still be a great asset to many golfers.

Brad Carey

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