Garmin Approach X10 GPS Golf Watch Review

The Garmin Approach X10 is one of the cheaper Garmin golf watches available on the market. It is more of a golf band than a golf watch but it does deliver all the basic functionalities you would expect from a golf watch.

Garmin Approach X10 GPS Golf Watch

Available in navy blue and matte black, the X10 is a beautiful band that shows important course information and distances to enhance your golfing experience.

Those who have bought the X10 love how soft and comfortable the band feels on the wrist. The fact that it is a band and not a watch makes it even better for golfers who don’t want anything chunky on their wrists to interfere with their swing.

However, although the makers of the X10 have done a great job in making the band comfortable, it must be noted that the screen of this device is not the easiest to read. This is because of its narrow size. Nevertheless, considering the price of this product and the fact that it is an entry-level product, the small size of the screen is not really unexpected. Also, many users do still find it to be fairly readable.

Garmin Approach X10 GPS Golf Watch Scorecard

On the features side of things, the X10 band is fitted with the technology to tell you the precise distances to the center, the back and the front of the green, doglegs, and hazards on over 41,000 preloaded worldwide golf course maps. The maps can be updated and more maps can be downloaded for free for a lifetime via Garmin Express.

The X10 can also accurately measure and display shot distances.

Most users of this Garmin device love the fact that it shows the true shape of the green. Other key course information that can be viewed on the band include the hole number and par number. Reviewing this data allows for proper planning and game management for better scores.

The band’s touchscreen control makes it easy for most people to use it, regardless of their age or their level of familiarity with such devices.

Garmin Approach X10 GPS Golf Watch Green View

As you can see, this band has some brilliant premium features despite being an entry-level product. In addition to the features, the X10 also has a great battery life that will allow you to play two or more rounds of golf if you have the time. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to twelve hours; about two hours longer than most golf watches.


  • One of the lowest-priced premium quality Garmin rangefinders
  • Shows strategic distances on over 41,000 different courses
  • Shows distances from your position on the course
  • Provides a map view with the true shape of the green
  • Has a responsive touchscreen that makes it easy to operate
  • Features a sleek design that will not affect with your swing
  • Free course updates and downloads
  • Has a scorecard function
  • Long 12-hour GPS mode battery life


  • Not the easiest to read screen
  • No activity tracking feature
  • No Bluetooth connectivity and smart notifications

The Garmin Approach X10 FAQs

How large is the screen?

The Garmin Approach X10 has a crisp but narrow screen display of 1” x 0.42″. The display is not exactly easily readable but it is satisfactory for most buyers.

What preloaded courses come on the X10?

Although it is just a golf band, the X10 has an impressive library of over 41,000 multi-country golf course layouts. You can use it in all these courses without the need for any extra downloads or upgrades.

Are there any subscription fees?

No subscription fees.

How accurate is the device?

Despite being one of the lower priced Garmin GPS watches, the X10 is fitted with high-sensitivity GPS sensors for accurate yardage measurement.

How much does it weigh?

1.1 ounces and it feels even softer and more lightweight on the wrist.

What is the battery life?

Despite the small size of this golf watch, it has a surprisingly good battery life of 12-hours in GPS mode. This translates to about three full rounds of golf. However, after a couple of months, it does seem to lose some of its power storage capacity. Anyway, this kind of happens with most rechargeable devices and it is not really a problem.

How long does it take to recharge?

The recharge time depends on where you want to charge. On a laptop, it will take a bit longer to charge than on a USB phone charger. It normally takes no more than two hours to fully charge this device using a phone charger.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, the Garmin Approach X10 is water resistant down to 50 meters so it will probably not get destroyed if you get caught up in a heavy post-round downpour or if you accidentally jump with it into a swimming pool.

Is it tournament legal?

Yes, this device is absolutely tournament legal in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in many other countries around the world.

Does the watch have a phone app?

Affirmative. The Garmin X10 does come with a very functional smartphone app (the Garmin Connect App) that is probably one of the best golf apps available on App Store and Play Store.

Standout Features in the Garmin X10

  • One of the cheapest but premium quality GPS rangefinders
  • Provides an exact layout of the green
  • Long 12-hour GPS mode battery life

Our Verdict on the X10 Band

We all know Garmin and the fact that the company produces some of the best and most useful wearable technologies. The X10 is a good example. It is a lightweight golf band that is designed to help you plan your golfing.

Garmin Approach X10 GPS Golf Watch

It is fitted with exciting technologies to measure key distances on the course. It can also show you the layout for your local course.  The best thing about it is its cheaper price when compared to other premium quality GPS bands. Its lightweight design also makes it very comfortable to wear.

In conclusion, new golfers and amateurs will find this band to be useful. Professional golfers should probably look for more advanced devices.

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