Garmin Approach S6 Golf GPS Watch Review

The Garmin Approach S6 is a stylish, powerful, and touchscreen golf watch that is designed to improve your game. Although it has a rugged design, it is also thin and light making it feel comfortable on the wrist. Therefore, if comfort is one of the main features you are looking for in a golf watch, the S6 will definitely be a winner for you.

Garmin Approach S6
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The touchscreen display is the design’s icing on the cake. It is very responsive making it easy to operate the watch.

The watch’s great design is matched by its powerful features and functions. The S6 does the typical golf watch functions better and it also comes with several unique features that are not commonly found in golf watches. With regards to the typical golf watch functions, the S6 can measure distances to the center of the green, the front of the green, the back of the green, hazards, doglegs, and pin locations. It does these functions better since it is more precise in its measurements courtesy of the advanced technologies that power it.

The S6 can also measure your shot distance more accurately.

Garmin Approach S6 Course Selection

In terms of course information, this watch can automatically recognize thousands of courses in Western countries, and dozens in many other countries across the globe. Extra courses can be downloaded to the device. The S6 can also display course information on a map layout. You can touch a pin position on the layout to get its exact distance from your position.

The S6’s most brilliant feature/ function is its capability to measure your swing metrics. The watch is fitted with sensors that can detect and correct your swing tempo. You can set it to play audible tones when training so as to tweak your swing mechanics and become a better driver of the ball.

This Garmin watch is compatible with the Garmin golf app that can track your stats, compare your rounds, and show you your position in weekly leaderboards.

Garmin Approach S6 Distance Measuring

Lastly, with the S6 on your wrist, you will never miss an important notification. This is because it acts as an extension of your smartphone by alerting you of all the notifications it receives. You can also read emails and texts directly on the S6 before deciding whether or not to fish out your smartphone from deep inside your bag.

Pros & Cons of the Garmin Approach S6


  • High-resolution display
  • Easy to operate touchscreen
  • Attractively rugged
  • Made in the USA
  • Can measures key distances on the course
  • Can show smart notifications
  • Has sensors to measure your swing tempo and help you become better
  • Has superior game tracking capabilities
  • Shows the layout of the green
  • 5 ATM water rating
  • Fitted with a high-capacity 12-hour GPS mode battery


  • Some units do not hold enough charge after about two years of use
  • Does not have activity trackers like heart rate monitors, step counters, and so on
  • The screen is too sensitive for some golfers (it responds even to the slightest touch)

The Garmin Approach S6 FAQs

How big is the screen?

The S6 has a gorgeous 1-inch diameter color screen size. This provides a reading area that is slightly larger than the average reading area in similar rangefinders. Many golfer friends of yours will definitely remark that it is big but the true advantage of the size is the fact that it is easily readable.

What preloaded courses come on the watch?

There are over 41,000 pre-loaded multi-country courses on the device. It is almost certain that the yardages for your favorite club will be there regardless of where you are located at in the globe.

Are there any subscription fees?

Unlike other golf watch manufacturers that charge users an annual fee to access their course maps, the Garmin Ltd. does not charge even a single cent for access their maps or for golf map library updates.

How accurate is the watch?

Extremely accurate. Remember, this is a Garmin; it is made by a company that has made its name making extremely good satellite navigation systems. So they know what they are doing and the technology that is best for maximum accuracy.

How much does it weigh?

The Approach S6 weighs 1.12 ounces; it is lightweight by all definitions.

What is the battery life?

The S6 has a long battery life. In the GPS mode (which is the golfing mode), it can give you up to 12 hours of service before needing recharging.

How long does it take to recharge?

It takes roughly 2 hours to recharge this device. You simply need a free USB port.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, it is. Like most of the latest Garmin golf watches, the S6 is waterproof. It’s waterproof rating is 50 meters.

Is it tournament legal?

Completely. This is a fantastic but legal device with technological capabilities that are not banned by golf authorities in the US and the UK.

Does the watch have a phone app?

Of course! This is a Garmin watch. It is compatible with the Garmin Connect App that you can use to perform an in-depth analysis of your game statistics. The App also allows you to conveniently update your course library and to become part of the large community of golfers using Garmin golfing devices.

Key features in the Garmin S6

  • Can display smartphone alerts
  • Has advanced sensors capable of measuring and analyzing your swing tempo
  • Has superior game tracking capabilities

Our Verdict on the S6

Most people buy golf watches to improve their game. The good news is that this golf watch will definitely improve your game. Unlike other golf watches that only enhance your game by giving you course information and distances to the green and hazards, the S6 does so much more.

For example, its app shows you trends in your game to help you find out what you are good at and what needs work. The app can also show you what you how you fare compared to other golfers. In addition to the app, the S6 also comes with sensors that can analyze your swing tempo to help you improve your drive.

In conclusion, this watch is recommended for individuals who want to really improve their game in more ways than one.

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